Green Tea for Weight Loss & Reducing Cholesterol

Across the world and on-line, people are singing the praises of Green Tea for weight loss. Once a regular dietary supplement in the ancient world, the nutrition and scientific fields are discovering exactly how green tea can help people lose weight and increase their overall health.

What Is Green Tea?

Green Tea grows primarily in Asia, where it is used for everything from curing headaches to preventing heart disease. Most people use green tea as a beverage or in cooking, and take the medicinal benefits of green tea as a given. It is a sweet, all natural leaf that can add flavor to any dish, and is very tasty when consumed straight.

How Does Green Tea Work for Weight Loss?

Green Tea for Weight Loss At its core, green tea is rich in antioxidants, and contains a natural form of caffeine that is gentle and easily processed by the body. Both qualities work together in order to boost the body’s metabolism, increase circulation, and burn calories no matter how active or sedentary your lifestyle is.

In recent studies, using green tea to lose weight has surpassed sales of the harsh over the counter “weight loss pills” like ephedrine and other synthesized supplements.

In fact, the only side effects you can experience from using green tea to lose weight are a healthy body, healthier heart, and the burden of looking and feeling great.

Clinical Trials & Green Tea for Weight Loss

Surveys showed that green tea was used in Asia for hundreds of years. Those same studies also revealed that obesity is practically non-existent in those regions. Only recently has science made the link between the regular consumption of green tea and weight loss.

Organizations such as the International Journal for Obesity and others have conducted many double-blind tests to understand exactly how green tea contributes to weight loss and how it impacts the body’s metabolism in such a positive way.

In clinical studies, it was found that using green tea for weight loss had surprising results. In fact, it was discovered that green tea is not only right in antioxidants, but also catechins – which help the body to reduce levels abdominal fat with moderate exercise. In short, if you use green tea for weight loss, you’ll be able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans.

The added benefit of using green tea is that not only are you going to slim down, but the rich antioxidants will help to reduce harmful cholesterol levels, while increasing the health of your heart.

What to Look For When Buying Green Tea

If you are considering using green tea to lose weight naturally, there are a number of options open to you. For those leading very active lifestyles, or those with little time in their schedules, there are a number of dietary supplements that contains green tea for weight loss purposes.

These pills usually contain a high concentration of green tea extract, and are blended with other all natural ingredients to promote weight loss. On the other end of things, you can always buy tonics containing green tea, or even get green tea leaves in order to brew your own tea at home.

In all cases, you want to be sure of the concentration of green tea, and to read the label closely to ensure that the green tea is not cut or blended with any additives or unnatural ingredients that would otherwise negate the benefits of green tea for weight loss. Buying green tea from places that are certified “Organic” or have positive customer reviews about using green tea for weight loss are very good indicators of which products are right for you.