Does Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Really Work? Dr. Oz Says So

Could raspberry ketone weight loss techniques really help you to be able to lose weight quickly? Raspberry ketone, which was recently shown on the Dr. Oz show, is purported to be able to help people lose weight through blocking the high fat intake of foods that are ingested.

In other words, when you eat fatty foods, instead of absorbing the fact into your system, your body will instead expel it thanks to the raspberry ketone supplement that you are taking.

In theory it sounds like it should do the trick. In practical application, does it live up to the standards that make it a viable product? Or are raspberry ketone weight loss supplements just another scam to try to suck more money out of your checkbook? (forskolin is also worth looking in to).

Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss What Is Raspberry Ketone?

When considering raspberry ketone weight loss products, it is important to know what the product really is. Ketones are essentially what flavors food and gives it a recognizable aroma. When you walk by a raspberry patch or you pick up a container of picked raspberries in the produce section, that recognizable raspberry smell are actually the ketones.

When you taste a raspberry and recognize the flavor as being that of a raspberry, you’re actually tasting the raspberry ketone. It is an all natural product that is found in every raspberry, but in very small amounts.

You get much larger amounts of this ketone in raspberry ketone weight loss supplements – the average amount is 100mg per supplement taken.

Do Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss Products Really Work?

When it comes to weight loss products, people want to know whether or not a product has had clinical trials. Raspberry ketone weight loss supplements have had two successful animal clinical trials where raspberry ketone was shown to block high fat absorption rates when given in an abundance of food, up to 2% of the actual diet of the animal, according to the National Institute of Health in 2005

In humans, there was one clinical study done that remains unpublished because the results were inconclusive as to any benefits. In terms of taking the product to have any effect whatsoever, you would need to take a supplement that was equal to eating 90 pounds of raspberries daily, and still combine that supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

With a healthy diet and exercise, however, most people will lose weight anyway, which means again that the results of raspberry ketone for weight loss is inconclusive.

Could Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Supplements Work For Me?

Despite the clinical evidence being lackluster, raspberry ketone weight loss products have a lot of fans that will testify to the benefit of the product. If you have been Raspberry Ketone struggling with weight issues and simply cannot find a product that will help you to be able to lose weight, then this might be worth a shot for you.

Many of the supplements are available in health stores with the vitamins and are highly affordable, as you can pick up a month’s supply for less than $20. In terms of safety, a pilot study done by a pharmaceutical company found that there were no distinguishable side effects to human consumption of a raspberry ketone products over the course of 30 days.

Are There Other Uses For Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is a common additive to food products. You’ve likely eaten raspberry ketone this week and not even realized it. Because it is a flavor and scent additive to enhance the eating experience, it is put in foods where having a raspberry flavor or scent is highly welcomed. Raspberry ketone is also utilized in scents that contain raspberries, such as scented candles, colognes, and perfumes.

The choice in this matter is entirely up to you. Do you want to believe the anecdotal testimonial evidence that has been printed and displayed on the television? People will say anything if you pay them enough, so how do you believe which testimonials are true and which ones are paid sponsors of the product?

The only way to tell for sure if raspberry ketone is going to work for you is to try it out for yourself. With nothing to lose except a few bucks and a few extra pounds, it may be a little bit of a gamble, yes. If the end result, however, ends up having you become a supporter of raspberry ketone weight loss products, then it is well worth it.